character sheet

Sacred text

     These are the sacred texts of Alzahar Tehlron.  These texts are written by Alzahar himself in order to guide his devoted.  On the glorious night of midwinter festivals a light haired woman  in her mid thirties strewn across the bed of a  general store as her husband rushes in with fresh blankets and hot water. Few hours later a child is born in the general store this childs name is of no importance but what is important is this sparked the conception of alzahar later that night. 

     Months later that year the owner of the general store and her lover bring into the mortal world a child whose shine cast out all shadow in the room. and all of the tavern celebrated the owners sons birth alzahar.  Although never marrying the couple raised their son teaching him the ways of the shop.  As the only tavern in a small crossroads town the regulars would pay their tabs more in trade than in gold.  Years pass and the crossroad town economy starts collapsing so Alzahar sets out to bring the town back to its former glory. Upon this journey alzahar falls deeper into his mission he discovers divine magic and that the more time he devotes to himself the more powerful he gets.

upon his journey Alzahar joins a group of adventurers and decides to join them years of travelling with this group he leads the group into a cave where he single handedly slew the thieves den as his fellow adventurers hid and fumbled about.

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